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Thursday, 21 May 2009

F1 Thrives on Crises

Have you noticed how F1 appears to thrive on a crisis?

'Silverstone to lose the British Grand Prix | Bernie Ecclestone to buy Silverstone.'

'Manufacturers to set up their own F1 series | manufacturers will not sign up for 2010 | new teams to come in | Ferrari to pull out.'

Now Alonso threatens to leave F1 if new rules are sustained.

Normally all is OK and the status quo is resumed. But maybe Alonso is right that without the major players it will no longer truly be 'Formula Number One - the pinnacle of motorsport.

Let's not underestimate the 'Brawn effect' either. It is a very long time since a new team came in with a lower budget and embarrassed the establishment. It is true that Honda bankrolled the development last year of this year's car but in the terms that interest manufacturers - brand reinforcement - the benefit to Honda is slender and the other manufacturer teams are fully aware of this. They may share a concern that the newer teams applying for entry in 2010 may also prove to be competitive and with a budget restriction it would be much more difficult to suppress them.

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