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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Will Schumacher Ever Return to F1?

Yes he will! The seat will be filled.

The question - 'How would he do against Hamilton and Vettel and a rejuvanated Button?' - many thought would never be answered.

Subject to the result of an intensive fitness training programme and the prognosis on the neck and back injuries he sustained in a bike accident in February, Schumacher will be battling it out in Valencia.

He will have no opportunity to familiarise himself with the F1 Ferrari until Friday practice owing to the current testing ban.

This return comes at a time when Ferrari are closing the gap and have made it back to the podium again at last in recent races.

Schumacher's return will add another ingredient to the field who have been taking points off each other following initial Brawn dominance this season and should make for a tighter closing seven races.

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