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Friday, 30 October 2009

F1 News | Silverstone Circuit vs Abu Dhabi

As Donington gets the thumbs down from Bernie Ecclestone, Silverstone is again endeavouring to get an agreement on staging the 2010 British Grand Prix.

The negotiators are Bernie vs Damon. Two different syles here.

No doubt contrasts will be drawn between the facilities in Abu Dhabi and those at Silverstone. Questions of funding will arise and a compromise will be reached that allows Silverstone to make some minor changes while continuing to hold the GP.

Talking of differences in style it is a good time to mention the excellent architects Hani Rashid and Lisa Anne Couture of New York based Asymptote who were responsible for the building most often featured in shots of the Abu Dhabi facilities - not a grandstand or a club house but a hotel - the Yas Hotel in fact.

Maybe that is a way of funding a visual update for Silverstone.

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