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Monday, 23 November 2009

Schumacher to Join Silver Arrows Brawn Mercedes

It is the reported opinion of Eddie Jordan that Michael Schumacher will join Mercedes Brawn F1 GP team.

In an interview with the BBC, Jordan, who gave Schumacher his F1 debut, expressed the clear opinion that Brawn's team will sign the seven times world champion for 2010. To clear the way he will need to be released from the conditions of his contract with Ferrari.

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

McLaren vs Brawn

So as predicted here on November 11th, Jenson Button is now a McLaren driver and as suggested on November 9th Brawn will race in silver.

How will they get on? McLaren's long relationship with Mercedes is not dead as they will continue to use Mercedes engines. Brawn as a team will benefit from increased funding but perhaps suffer from interference into Ross Brawn's peerless engineering management.

What about Button vs Rosberg, the new Brawn driver? Button is an enduring racer and a consistent points scorer. Rosberg is quick in first practice.

More musings later.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

McLaren to Sign Button

Having been at Honda then Brawn for so long, my instinct is that Jenson Button will not be able to resist the new challenge of signing for McLaren Mercedes for 2010.

Although this may lay him open to accusations of moving for money, his defense will be that this opportunity may not arise again. To have the current and former world champion in the same team will be a revival of the Prost-Senna era.

It is very unlikely that there would be any of the friction that arose when Alonso was Lewis Hamilton's parter.

That would give Kimi Raikkonen the option of moving to Brawn and reunite him with Ross who helped him to his championship at Ferrari. Ross Brawn is used to drivers who will push in every race regardless of whether this may lose them points. Many believe that Button is that sort of driver but Brawn may not be convinced. Raikkonen does not need the money since Ferrari are effectively paying his salary for next year with his premature severance pay to make way for Alonso.

Button's alternative is to negotiate more freedom for income through endorsements whilst accepting a lower salary from Brawn GP.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Brawn to Race In Silver?

With Mercedes rumoured to be looking to take a 75% stake in Brawn GP - the question arises as to whether they would race in silver rather than the now familiar white and yellow.

Jenson Button will no doubt be interested in the outcome of such a takeover and the investment it would draw in.

One of his options is to join the McLaren team itself. Would he be joining a team that would become to Mercedes what Toro Rosso is to Red Bull?

Either way there is little doubt that Ross Brawn remains probably the best engineering manager and stategist in the pit lane. With Button's own World Championship he becomes the most successful manager of drivers world champions considering his pivotal role in all of Schumacher's successes also.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Silverstone Signs Deal for 2010 British Grand Prix

This is the headline all British grand prix fans want to see and many others elsewhere.

Although only £600,000 profit was made this year from the event, the spin offs are worth hundreds of times that sum to the economy.

It seems likely that a deal will be done within the next week with Silverstone remaining on the formula one calendar.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Jenson Button | My Championship Year

To celebrate Jenson Button's 2009 F1 World Championship win, the book 'My Championship Year" is available to order now from F1 GP Bookstore.

Jenson came home 3rd to close out the season with a podium finish in Abu Dhabi.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hamilton Hot in Abu Dhabi | Button's Form Deserts Him

Lewis Hamilton set a blistering pace to take pole by half a second at the brand new Abu Dhabi circuit. New world champion Jenson Button spoke of having to change his safety helmet and then vibration under braking as distractions leaving him able not to do better than fifth.

In case you had hoped to order a ticket for a 2010 British Grand Prix before the end of November 2009, you will be disappointed to know that a deal has still not been signed.

The galvanised scaffold grandstands I have sat in since fhe 1960s remain strangely silent.