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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

McLaren to Sign Button

Having been at Honda then Brawn for so long, my instinct is that Jenson Button will not be able to resist the new challenge of signing for McLaren Mercedes for 2010.

Although this may lay him open to accusations of moving for money, his defense will be that this opportunity may not arise again. To have the current and former world champion in the same team will be a revival of the Prost-Senna era.

It is very unlikely that there would be any of the friction that arose when Alonso was Lewis Hamilton's parter.

That would give Kimi Raikkonen the option of moving to Brawn and reunite him with Ross who helped him to his championship at Ferrari. Ross Brawn is used to drivers who will push in every race regardless of whether this may lose them points. Many believe that Button is that sort of driver but Brawn may not be convinced. Raikkonen does not need the money since Ferrari are effectively paying his salary for next year with his premature severance pay to make way for Alonso.

Button's alternative is to negotiate more freedom for income through endorsements whilst accepting a lower salary from Brawn GP.

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