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Saturday, 21 November 2009

McLaren vs Brawn

So as predicted here on November 11th, Jenson Button is now a McLaren driver and as suggested on November 9th Brawn will race in silver.

How will they get on? McLaren's long relationship with Mercedes is not dead as they will continue to use Mercedes engines. Brawn as a team will benefit from increased funding but perhaps suffer from interference into Ross Brawn's peerless engineering management.

What about Button vs Rosberg, the new Brawn driver? Button is an enduring racer and a consistent points scorer. Rosberg is quick in first practice.

More musings later.


  1. So Ross Brawn will no longer have the coolest car looking on the track? This is devistating news!! I want Hobbs' take on this!! But seriously, I don't see Jensen pulling off another year like that. I think Rosberg Would make a splendid run for good ol' Ross. Ross Brawn is like the Lou Lamoriello of F1. He will pride hi
    self I. His ability to seek talent and be successful for the lowest amount of $$$. Ross may be the first owner to I still a system that will be successful for any driver. Let's face it, neither Jensen nor Rubens were on anyones "Driver Of The Year" list last year.

  2. So As I see it. The Brawn car is gone. The drivers are gone. My only question is.... What do I do with my Jenson 22 hat? Jensen to McL, Rubens to Williams with Hulk, Alonso to Ferrari. Who's left to drive for USGP?? Don't say Kyle Busch! Looks like Ol' Ross just cashed out. Good luck Ross, and much success with your new boss