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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Button Calls the Tune

Jenson Button was even more enthusiastic than usual after his brilliant win in Melbourne

It may be that some cynics had suggested his fine wins last year were a result of Ross Brawn's tactics in a similar manner to the suggestion of some that Schumacher's wins were all due to the same man's tactical naus.

Whatever the case, Button himself, the team manager and Button's engineer all confirmed that it was Button alone who called the early tyre change while the track was still wet.

This brave move, although initially making the car very difficult to control, came good and Button's foresight contributed to an historic win today.

It was good too to see Robert Kubica bring home the Renault second and in many ways was reminiscent of the days of Rene Arnoux who often scored points on days when Renaults were not generally accepted as being competitive.

In contrast to Button, Massa's engineer Smedley was telling him over the radio when to brake and accelerate and Hamilton was called in for a tyre change which proved to be a poor choice. Hamilton finally realised that the cars ahead of him would not be stopping again after a tenacious charge to catch up.

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

F1 News | The Clean Side of Melbourne

Vettel Alonso Massa Schumacher...

That is how the grid reads from the clean side of the track. This is where the fast starters will excel as they find more grip. Conversely - Webber, Button, Rosberg and Barrichello may struggle to get away and their fine qualifying performances may not give an advantage.

This may mean that Alonso will pass Webber on the first lap in front of his home crowd and Schumacher may pass his team mate as they approach turn 1.

Red Bull's qualifying pace has been questioned by McLaren. They put this down to ride height adjustment facilities which they had considered to be outside the rules.

Monday, 15 March 2010

First Points to Alonso

Fernando Alonso started the 2010 campaign with a win, collecting 25 points under the new system. His fastest lap was a full second quicker than anyone else which shows the potential of the Ferrari.

After Sebastian Vettel's excellent pole position, he slipped back to fourth place with exhaust problems.

Michael Schumacher came in a creditable sixth. His race pace was competitive but he struggled to gain places on the first lap with full fuel tanks. By his own admission he needs to get up to speed with the impact of the new rules excluding refuelling. He learned his craft in flat out sprints between fuel stops.

Heikki Kovalainen brought in the Lotus at 15th. This was a lowly position for him after losing his seat at McLaren to Jenson Button but was a creditable first race back for the historic Lotus name.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

F1 | 2010

The pundits seem to be divided between Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso for the 2010 F1 world title.

What do we think?

This year fuel economy will be critical with no fuel stops and tyre changes only.

This appears to favour Jenson Button who unlike Hamilton is renowned for his smooth driving style and being kind on rubber.

Vettel will no doubt be very quick from the outset. The Renault engine may be an achilles heel however.

Alonso and Massa are expected to be taking points off each other and doing their best to get on.

So what of Michael Schumacher? His age appears to be against him at 41. However over the whole season the thought here is that his experience, level head and strategic backing from Ross Brawn will win out. This will be coupled with solid reliability from the Mercedes engine and additional engineering backup.