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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Alonso and Rossi 2011

F1 News is that it is looking increasingly likely that Valentino Rossi will partner Fernando Alonso for the 2011 F1 World Championship.

Rossi will be seeking to emulate past master John Surtees by moving from world motorcycle champion to Ferrari F1.

As previously posted, Ferrari desire someone further to enhance the brand.  Felipe Massa is an excellent driver.  However an Italian in the Italian team becomes the dream team.

Who would win in the popularity contest - Alonso or Rossi?

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Button Nails It

Jenson Button made it two wins out of four to lead the 2010 F1 title race in China.

With wet conditions varying from bad to horrendous, Button made a brave early call to stay out when others came in for tyre changes.

The last few laps were tense as, with no team orders, Hamilton chased Button down to a close second.

Rosberg took the third podium place with his former 'regenmeister' team mate languishing in 10th.

The Renaults had a good showing in 5th and 7th.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Vettel in 4/4 Time | F1 News

With his Renault engine hitting maximum revs in several places on the circuit, his time also was music to the ears of Vettel fans as he achieved four pole positions in four races.

Somehow he pulled out a purple sector 1 in final qualifying when he had struggled in all previous sessions.

Notable too was Jenson Button outqualifying Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was many people's favourite for the place.

Red Bull have again locked out the front row in front of Alonso and Rosberg, Button and Hamilton.

MSC came in 9th.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Red Bull Gives You Wings

Following on from the previous post many are still asking why both wheels flew from Buemi's car.

The answer is obvious of course...

Because Red Bull gives you wings.

On a more serious note, the team are very busy debating whether to replace the new uprights or revert to the previous models.

Meanwhile the battle for driver ascendancy inside the quickest teams continues. In similar cars - Hamilton outpaced Button today and Rosberg was quicker than Schumacher. They were only practicing of course. The qualifying begins tomorrow...

Buemi Drives Wheels off Red Bull | Bull in a China Shop

Under heavy braking approaching 5g, Sebastian Buemi's Red Bull ditched both front wheels simultaneously from 200mph.

A suspension upright was blamed by the team. The stress on the opposite component caused by the failure created the simultaneous shedding of the wheels. Why did not the wheel tethers prevent the wheels from flying off? Because they were held on the uprights!

His team mate was withdrawn as a precaution.

This is big news in China and the puns are flying.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

OK China | F1 News

As the F1 teams move to China, news will be imminent as to who will move ahead of the pack.

Will Michael Schumacher starts to show his old form now he has got used to racing again after his three year absence?

Sebastian Vettel will be no slouch, that is for sure. Jenson Button will be keen to show he is a match for Lewis Hamilton.

Felipe Massa's potential rival for next year's Ferrari seat, Robert Kubica, will no doubt prove that the Renault campaign is strong.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Two Stewarts and a Tyrrell | F1 News

Bizarre F1 news result for the Malaysian GP podium you may think!

It's just a good time to pause and reflect on how Red Bull and Mercedes GP got started in their current incarnations.

Honda bought out BAR who in turn took over the operation founded by Ken Tyrrell. Then Ross Brawn took over Honda and this year his Brawn GP team became Mercedes.

Red Bull inherited the Jaguar F1 team which in turn was rooted in the team Jackie Stewart founded.

Interesting too is the design link between cars on the grid. Adrian Newey designed the Red Bull having formerly moved from Williams to McLaren Mercedes.

So when people get emotional about the 'coming home' posters for Lotus in Malaysia and the purity of linking Proton with the historic Lotus name it is balancing to reflect on the origins of other teams.

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