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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Two Stewarts and a Tyrrell | F1 News

Bizarre F1 news result for the Malaysian GP podium you may think!

It's just a good time to pause and reflect on how Red Bull and Mercedes GP got started in their current incarnations.

Honda bought out BAR who in turn took over the operation founded by Ken Tyrrell. Then Ross Brawn took over Honda and this year his Brawn GP team became Mercedes.

Red Bull inherited the Jaguar F1 team which in turn was rooted in the team Jackie Stewart founded.

Interesting too is the design link between cars on the grid. Adrian Newey designed the Red Bull having formerly moved from Williams to McLaren Mercedes.

So when people get emotional about the 'coming home' posters for Lotus in Malaysia and the purity of linking Proton with the historic Lotus name it is balancing to reflect on the origins of other teams.

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  1. Agree with your comment, however the current Lotus operation is an entire new operation though... which wouldn't have been possible without the Malaysian input... so a bit of coming home is not completely out of place