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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Humphrey Carries iPad

BBC presenter Jake Humphrey, well known for always imitating Denis Norden in carrying a clipboard whenever he speaks, broke the mould this weekend with a new Apple iPad on his arm.

F1 is known to be a testbed for technology, so in this sense something that is such a breakthrough as the iPad is an appropriate tool for a BBC F1 presenter to carry.

In the race, Vettel took out Webber to demote him from the lead into third place.  Hamilton held off a challenge from Button to regain the lead and win.  Webber thereby retains his lead in the F1 championship.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Web Searches Limits

Aussie Mark Webber has again searched his limits to come up with yet another pole position, this time in Turkey.

He eclipsed Hamilton, Vettel and Button who follow him on the grid and these four are ahead of a certain Mike S in his Merc.

Webber, Vettel, Schumi and the Kube, are on the clean side of the grid so the start should be a major feature of the race.

Only 0.076 seconds separate Schumacher and Button so although Button messed up turn 8 on his hot lap by his own admission, MSC is certainly closing the gap and getting up to speed at least in qualifying.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Webber Hungry for Another One

Mark Webber will be keen to repeat his success in the last two grand prix as the teams hit Turkey.

The circuit would appear to favour McLaren more than was the case in Monaco.  There are opportunities to overtake and use their well-developed F-Duct sytem while the Red Bull component is in development phase.

Webber will not be drawn on his chances for the 2010 World Championship.
However with Adrian Newey's design excellence behind him, this will probably be the most favourable circumstance he has or ever will be in.  He should take the opportunity - many have been highly impressed with his team mate Vettel but Webber's skills and recent drives have shown that he may be the man to beat at Red Bull right now.

Meanwhile, Hamilton will again been head to head with Button.  Had it not been for his overheated engine, irt is possible that Button would still be leading the championship.

Expect Schumacher too to make further progress and to show his skills on this fast circuit.  He now has a car more tailored for him rather than having to adapt to Button's legacy car.  The 2010 ex-BrawnGP would have been design to Button's specification to a large extent and Schumacher's style is quite different.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Monaco Lap by Lap

Lap 7 and Alonso has moved from last to 15th already.

Webber has retained his lead from pole and is followed by Vettel Kubica and Massa.

Lap 14. Alonso is hassling Kobayashi hard. The Japanese wobbles and Alonso is into 14th.

Lap 16. Now Alonso is giving Kovalainen's Lotus grief. He slides past on lap 17! Who said you cannot overtake at Monaco?

Lap 18 and Hamilton pits. Who will he reenter behind? Alonso!
Lap 21. Alonso is now sitting in 10th. behind MSC.
Lap 23 Vettel and others pit leaving Alonso 8th.

Lap 25. Rosberg now finds himself behind the leader Webber. He has yet to stop for tyres.

Lap 31. Alonso moves up to 6th in front of Schumacher. Barrichello parks facing the traffic on lap 32 and another safety car is invoked.
Lap 33. The safety car moves off and racing resumes. Alonso now only has Hamilton between him and his team mate.
As we approach half distance, three Renault engines are still holding together and lead the pack. Vavavoom.
Lap 40: The Renaults are still shaking it. Massa can see all three ahead. Webber has pulled out a 2.6 second lead.
Lap 43: The Mercedes mobile ad is out again. It looks quite good from behind but the side view is a bit if a stretched limo. Why can't they use a
Lap 45: The safety car drivers go back for another coffee. The taxi rank has few takers today. Why are most Mercedes taxis?
Lap 47: Two energy drinks lead La Regie followed by a Fiat a mobile phone network and another Fiat. (sponsors-eye view).
Lap 49: Would it be more fun in one of those nice boats in the harbour?
Lap 52: If only the road was a bit wider. The no overtaking signs should have been taken down before the race. Good thing Alonso ignored them.
Lap 56: Is it still newsworthy to say Schumacher is leading his team mate? Probably never was.
Lap 58: 3/4 distance. Is Bruno Senna sponsored by a hormone replacement therapy company? We don't believe it. Strange name though for an F1 car.
Lap 62: I never had any trouble with my old Renault 4, 5 or 12, so a win looks likely for one of the three. My brother in law had the original 5 GT turbo which was frighteningly quick in his hands.
Lap 65: The circuit still looks strikingly like a car park access road. A driver could easily be mistaken. I think that is what Barrichello said to the interviewer anyway explaining why he retired.
Lap 70: 8 to go. Kubica is still in striking distance of the two leading Red Bulls. If Rossi gets a Ferrari seat next year rather than him, I am sure he would push harder and not settle for third.
Lap 75: Trulli's Lotus has vaulted an HRT and the Merc is out again to pick up a fare. Trulli certainly won't be driving back to his hotel. The Lotus is on fire.

With 2 laps now left this could be the end of the action.
No overtaking under a safety car. Just in case anyone was contemplating it.

So Webber wins his second race in a row and leaded the drivers' table.

Late news. Schumacher appeared to pass Alonso under the final safety car.

Monaco Tunnel Full of Carbon Fibre

Already on lap 2 and the tunnel is full of carbon fibre as Hulkenberg skins the barrier over 100 metres. Punctures will follow as no sweepers can work in there.

Lap 3 and Button is out with what looks like a blown engine.

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Ferrari Monaco Win

Ferrari have not won in Monaco since 2001 and Alonso starts from the pit lane today.

Massa will be eager to impress with his illustrious team mate effectively sidelined.

Webber starts on pole for the second successive race.

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Alonso Slices Side off Ferrari

In final practice, Fernando Alonso has just taken the side off his Ferrari using the barrier as an angle grinder.

He appears unhurt. In the temporary pits of Monaco, his mechanics raised their arms in anticipation of a busy time before qualifying

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Schumacher Looking for Car Park

While other drivers were looking for the optimum racing line during practice, Michael Schumacher was alleged to be seen looking for the best place to park his Mercedes during qualifying.

This worked last time he was in Monaco. While other drivers struggled to set a pole time, Schumacher simply parked his Ferrari and the grid slot was his.

We are tipping MSC for a win on Sunday.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alonso Splits Bulls

Fernando Alonso split the Red Bulls on the podium today with his fine second place between the winner Webber and Vettel in third.

Hamilton went straight ahead into the barriers with two laps to go losing his second spot.  A sudden tyre deflation seemed to be the issue there.

The championship has now closed up with Hamilton losing the chance to slot in behind Button who retains his lead but is followed in the standings by Alonso.

The conspiracy theorists are twittering about Schumacher now having a car designed for him.  He certainly reversed the order of things in the team with Rosberg struggling all weekend and finishing 13th with Schumacher 4th in front of Button.

Hamilton took fastest lap.  Vettel negotiated the last 10 laps with severe brake problems.  Button's race was spoiled by being stuck behind Schumacher after a slow pit stop with a wheel nut rolling into the pit lane, a dragging clutch and no dash info.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Button Up Barça

Jenson Button describes Barcelona as a circuit that rewards precision not aggression.

Add that to his win last year and he looks to be favourite for the race rather than the more aggressive Hamilton.

Alonso has been talking up his championship challenge since China and will be keen to impress at his home race.

Vettel will be bull fighting in Spain of course too.