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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alonso Splits Bulls

Fernando Alonso split the Red Bulls on the podium today with his fine second place between the winner Webber and Vettel in third.

Hamilton went straight ahead into the barriers with two laps to go losing his second spot.  A sudden tyre deflation seemed to be the issue there.

The championship has now closed up with Hamilton losing the chance to slot in behind Button who retains his lead but is followed in the standings by Alonso.

The conspiracy theorists are twittering about Schumacher now having a car designed for him.  He certainly reversed the order of things in the team with Rosberg struggling all weekend and finishing 13th with Schumacher 4th in front of Button.

Hamilton took fastest lap.  Vettel negotiated the last 10 laps with severe brake problems.  Button's race was spoiled by being stuck behind Schumacher after a slow pit stop with a wheel nut rolling into the pit lane, a dragging clutch and no dash info.

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