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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Webber Hungry for Another One

Mark Webber will be keen to repeat his success in the last two grand prix as the teams hit Turkey.

The circuit would appear to favour McLaren more than was the case in Monaco.  There are opportunities to overtake and use their well-developed F-Duct sytem while the Red Bull component is in development phase.

Webber will not be drawn on his chances for the 2010 World Championship.
However with Adrian Newey's design excellence behind him, this will probably be the most favourable circumstance he has or ever will be in.  He should take the opportunity - many have been highly impressed with his team mate Vettel but Webber's skills and recent drives have shown that he may be the man to beat at Red Bull right now.

Meanwhile, Hamilton will again been head to head with Button.  Had it not been for his overheated engine, irt is possible that Button would still be leading the championship.

Expect Schumacher too to make further progress and to show his skills on this fast circuit.  He now has a car more tailored for him rather than having to adapt to Button's legacy car.  The 2010 ex-BrawnGP would have been design to Button's specification to a large extent and Schumacher's style is quite different.

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