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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bull Fighting Banned

Bull fighting may now be banned in Barcelona but Red Bull are fighting like never before to get the 2010 F1 World Championship.

1.7 seconds between Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull and the fastest McLaren of Lewis Hamilton...Vettel took pole for the Hungary GP.

At this stage of the season that is a margin McLaren will not be at all happy with.  This will put even more focus on the fixed wing vs flexi wing debate.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Massa Hassle

Felipe Massa on the anniversary of his accident in Hungary could do without the hassle of being asked to let Alonso past in the race.

His recovery from injury has been heartwarming and impressive to all onlookers.  Out of respect for his courage and ability he should be allowed to race on equal terms for the rest of the season.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Flex Those Wings

If McLaren and Mercedes want to catch up with Red Bull and Ferrari, it is clear that they need to get their front wings to flex at loads higher than the FIA test weight of 50kgs.  That way they will be within the maximum limit of 10mm endplate deflection in test conditions.

Hamilton, Button, Rosberg and Schumacher will then have at least the potential for higher exit speeds and greater stability in high speed turns.  Realising that potential is obviously far more complex.  What they don't have is Adrian Newey.  As he has said before - it is not just the blown diffuser that gives them an edge.

No it appears to be the way the flexi wing offsets the negatives of this device.

For those of us who remember Nico's father in the stunning 'ground effects' Williams FW10 of 1985, lapping Silverstone at 160mph average speed, this tweaking is a far cry from full blown ground effects but in these days of competition limiting restrictions small details count for a lot.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Driver or Team? F1 News

The FIA will decide what to do with Ferrari's strategy and priorities.  However what if Ferrari find themselves in a similar position for the rest of the season...

If Ferrari allow Massa to concede his lead and come second in each of the next eight races this would be worth 56 points to Fernando Alonso - equivalent to two additional wins and six free points to spare.

This clearly puts those teams such as McLaren who allow their drivers to race at a disadvantage.  Their drivers will continue effectively to take points off each other thereby diluting each team's chances of winning the drivers title.

Ferrari Made to Pay for Alonso Win

Ferrari won the German Grand Prix with Felipe Massa being passed by his team mate Fernando Alonso late in the race.

The pass allowed by Massa was based on the premise that to quote Rob Smedley, 'Fernando is faster than you.'

Have a look at the lap times on this link and see what you think:-
Along with the 100,000 dollar fine, Ferrari are to meet with the FIA as the matter was referred to them by the stewards.

FIA may consider other sanctions as the stewards consider the team orders rules have been breached.  This is entirely theirs to judge.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Allow Race Drivers to Race Drivers

Potentially the closest racing will always be between equal cars.

Red Bull allow Webber and Vettel to race each other as do McLaren.

If teams are to be allowed to switch positions then they should run one driver each.

Under current rules, such a move cannot de directed but a driver can let his team mate by as his own decision.

However drivers should not throw in the towel even if their car is underperforming.

Remember when Ayrton Senna's McLaren held off Mansell's Williams at Monaco in 1992 even though his tyres had no grip at all?  This is racing and drivers should do the same within teams.

Otherwise only half the field could be racing for the second half of the season.

100,000 Dollar Ferrari Victory

The FIA have fined Ferrari 100,000 dollars for the pass Fernando Alonso made on Felipe Massa to take the lead in the German Grand Prix.

A three way fight between Massa, Alonso and Vettel was possible until this move.

Alonso was falling back toward Vettel with Massa appearing slower on his final set of tyres and holding up Alonso.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vettel in Fine Fettel

Pole position goes to Sebastian Vettel for the 11th time in his F1 career at his home race in Hockenhem.

In the last two minutes of qualifying he snatched pole from Fernando Alonso's Ferrari.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Button Wins in Wet

Who can forget Jenson Button coming through the rain to win the China GP...

He gained a great reputation from his intelligent choices in the rain at the races in Australia and China already this year.

With the expectation of rain again in Germany, the specialists - Regenmeister Schumacher, Button and Vettel - will be worth watching again.

Jim Clark

Memories of Jim Clark will never leave Hockenheim. This is where his F2 car left the circuit and the great driver died. Many remember his winning a grand prix and then going on to win the touring car race in a Lotus Cortina. His apparently effortless smooth driving was simply awesome for a young fan to see.

Vettel and Schumi Going Heim

After the GP at the 'Home of British Motor Racing', now F1 moves to the Home of Hocken.

News is that the blowtorch McLaren diffuser will again be on display.  Melting rear suspension may no longer be an issue.

As other teams still try to catch up with Red Bull's exit speed off the apex, blown diffusers are still in the news.  Adrian Newey maintains that this one element is only part of the story and will not be disclosing the whole story any time soon.

Michael and Sebastian will be desperate to impress the home fans in Germany.  Rosberg and Sutil, the other German drivers in the top ten of the 2010 points table, are also going home this weekend.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Webber Nose How

Mark Webber put Vettel's nose out of joint by dominating the British Grand Prix. After having his Red Bullnose removed just before qualifying, given to his team mate and then losing out on pole position, Webber flew around Silverstone and led from start to finish.

'Not bad for a number two', he was heard to say over the radio as he crossed the finish line. Not bad indeed.

The general opinion expressed by former drivers is that any preference to support a driver slightly ahead in the championship mid-season is premature to say the least.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mansell at British Grand Prix

The great Nigel Mansell, probably the most popular driver ever to race at Silverstone will be officiating with the steward's this weekend.

Any overly close racing, speeding, blocking or other proper old-fashioned racing moves will be excused so it should be a good weekend.

Just a shame he is not also driving for Williams or Ferrari 'for the fans' sake.

Rossi to Ferrari F1

As is well known, Valentino Rossi is recovering from his broken shin at Mugello last month.  He tested yesterday at Misano with a pin and screws in his leg.

F1 GP News still suspects that Valentino Rossi will partner Fernando Alonso for the 2011 F1 World Championship.

Rossi will be seeking to emulate past master John Surtees by moving from world motorcycle champion to Ferrari F1.

As previously posted, Ferrari desire someone further to enhance the brand.  Felipe Massa is an excellent driver.  However an Italian in the Italian team becomes the dream team.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wings and other Devices

As Williams are due to run their version of the Red Bull-inspired exhaust blown diffuser at the British Grand Prix, the mind goes back to earlier attempts at improving air flow over aerodynamic devices.

From Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham days in 1978,  this radical design led to the expression the 'fan car'.  Similar innovations are what made F1 such a fascination for the technically minded among us.

Now there are calls for maximum engine power output restrictions and further design limitations.

A loosening of the limits would again release the brilliant engineers in F1 to show what they can come up with.  From the Chaparral days in 1962 Jim Hall and Hap Sharp brought the wing into motor sport with immediate success.  Now aerodynamics are an integral part of any F1 design.