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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wings and other Devices

As Williams are due to run their version of the Red Bull-inspired exhaust blown diffuser at the British Grand Prix, the mind goes back to earlier attempts at improving air flow over aerodynamic devices.

From Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham days in 1978,  this radical design led to the expression the 'fan car'.  Similar innovations are what made F1 such a fascination for the technically minded among us.

Now there are calls for maximum engine power output restrictions and further design limitations.

A loosening of the limits would again release the brilliant engineers in F1 to show what they can come up with.  From the Chaparral days in 1962 Jim Hall and Hap Sharp brought the wing into motor sport with immediate success.  Now aerodynamics are an integral part of any F1 design.

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