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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Flex Those Wings

If McLaren and Mercedes want to catch up with Red Bull and Ferrari, it is clear that they need to get their front wings to flex at loads higher than the FIA test weight of 50kgs.  That way they will be within the maximum limit of 10mm endplate deflection in test conditions.

Hamilton, Button, Rosberg and Schumacher will then have at least the potential for higher exit speeds and greater stability in high speed turns.  Realising that potential is obviously far more complex.  What they don't have is Adrian Newey.  As he has said before - it is not just the blown diffuser that gives them an edge.

No it appears to be the way the flexi wing offsets the negatives of this device.

For those of us who remember Nico's father in the stunning 'ground effects' Williams FW10 of 1985, lapping Silverstone at 160mph average speed, this tweaking is a far cry from full blown ground effects but in these days of competition limiting restrictions small details count for a lot.

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