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Monday, 30 August 2010

Hamilton Floats his Boat

The Red Bull front wing could be seen floating up and down like a fishing float in a lake as the water flowed again in Spa, albeit intermittently.

There was no obvious difference following the new endplate load tests.

As Mark Webber faltered at the start, Lewis Hamilton swept through and held station for the rest of the race.  Apart from one slide on a wetting track, he continued unassailed to the finish to take the lead in the drivers championship.  Webber battled back, Button was speared from behind byVettel's nose puncturing his radiator.  The Red Bull's nose certainly could be seen to deflect in that camera shot.   Kubica had an excellent race and eventually regained the third place he had on the original grid for Renault.

Probably Hamilton or Button will be able to keep their noses up and ahead at Monza.  By that time the new bib test will have been implemented to see if any cars have articulation or flex in the floors.

Personally, I admire any innovation that comes within the rules as published and gives competitive advantage.  That was what made Colin Chapman a great engineer.  Well done Adrian Newey.

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