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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Order a Ferrari | Team Orders | F1 News

Ferrari are well known for their waiting lists on new orders.  Team orders are seemingly something different.

In the World Motorsport Council hearing today, Ferrari have escaped further punishment for instructing Felipe Massa to listen to the comment at the German Grand Prix that Fernando Alonso was 'faster than you'.

Massa's engineer, Rob Smedley,  gave the above thinly coded message, prompting Ferrari to be fined for a breach of the rules banning team orders.

Many expected points to be deducted from the drivers and the team and possibly a further fine imposed.

However this has not been the case.  The 100,000 dollars already imposed will be the limit.

From a racing viewpoint, this decision keeps Alonso in the title race.

Monza this weekend is pivotal for Ferrari, not only as their home race but to act as a benchmark for the rest of the season.

The FIA have stated that the team orders rule will shortly be further clarified.

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