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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Singapore Results | Hamilton Second DNF

F1 News from Singapore:-

Well it did not quite finish line astern...

Webber drove a hard race to come home third instead of Hamilton.  Hamilton tangled with Webber and had a nul points, just as at Monza.

Button held station from the grid in fourth and Rosberg slotted in fifth, filling the spot vacated by Webber.

Barrichello held his 6th place gridspot.  Michael Schumacher languished in 13th.

Massa blasted from last to tenth.

The standings now are Webber 202 - Alonso 191 - Hamilton 182 - Vettel 181 - Button - 177.
Alonso is the man on form and now has four wins, equalling Webber.  The next three are difficult to separate.  Had Hamilton avoided Massa at Monza and Webber here today he would likely be leading the championship by a few points.  As it is he is still within striking distance but relying on Alonso and Webber to miss a beat sometime in the next four races.

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