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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Vettel Takes Out Button

I have just watched this bbc video

Not Jake Humphrey and Martin Brundle driving to Spa (also very entertaining however) but the one of the Vettel - Button collision at Spa.

For some strange reason it reminded me of the Senna/Prost collisions and the Hill/Schumacher one.

It all looked so incredibly deliberate.  Vettel brakes, changes direction and then appears to steer his car, aiming it straight and Button's radiator thereby putting him out of the race and possibly the championship.  Watch it again and imagine he meant it, just to adjust your critical eye.  Good effort wasn't it?  Now imagine this was the last race of the season and Vettel was leading the championship in front of Button.

Should this be treated like the Nelson Piquet move that gave Alonso the win?  It it a case of weird team orders to allow Webber to hold position in the championship?  Was Vettel paid to help Hamilton retake the championship lead and inhibit Button's chances of retaining the title.  Of course not, this is rubbish of course - but maybe it illustrates the difficulty stewards face when adjudging 'sporting scandals'.  The circumstances often look identical to all intents and pruposes. What they are judging is intent and motive not just the events themselves.

Did the Pakistani bowlers intend to cross the line and create a no ball?  Did Piquet intend to orchestrate Alonso's win.  Did Schumacher really mean to nobble Hill's car?

The actual circumstances of each incident are radically different and yet, viewed on a monitor vaguely similar.

Who would want to be a sports judge, steward or referee?

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