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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Alonso Wins Korean GP

Fernando Alonso won the Korean Grand Prix in atrocious weather today.

The race was initially suspended after three laps only. After a restart under the safety car, the cars followed around for 13 laps while stewards waited for a safe window in the weather.  Drivers' comments came in on the radio, and only Lewis Hamilton seemed keen to resume racing.

Vettel kept his lead until, on lap 46, his engine gave way.

Hamilton came in second with Massa third.

Jenson Button seemed to be driving a different car today and struggled just in front of the back markers.  He described the car as undriveable while his team mate fought up to second place.

Hamilton's description of the track was also very different from Button's.  Hamilton felt things weren't too bad with plenty of grip under the rain surface.  Button described the track as looking like a lake and his being unable to brake or accelerate without the tyres giving way.

McLaren still say however that they will not favour one driver, as do Red Bull so it seems only Ferrari are prepared to put their efforts behind one man for the drivers' championship.

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