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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Vettel World Champion

As Alonso was blocked behind Vitaly Petrov for lap after lap and Webber was trapped behind him, Sebastian Vettel streaked away to victory in front of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

This makes Vettel the youngest ever F1 champion.

By any standards this has been an exciting season.  This was the first time Vettel has led the points table all year and what a time to do it.

The safety car deployed when Schumacher was taken out by Liuzzi gave opportunity for the two Renaults of Kubica and Petrov and the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg to jump in for tyres.

That was enough to destroy the race of both Massa and Webber who could not climb to better positions than 7th and 8th behind the two Renaults.  Rosberg came on fourth to compensate in some way for his team mate's retirement.

So that's it until March 11-13th, 2011 in Bahrain.

Next year there will be five world champions competing - Schumacher, Alonso, Button, Hamilton and now Vettel.

Maybe next year Webber will become the sixth.

Will All Four Championship Contenders Finish?

As this incredible season ends today, we see still four drivers who could be champion by the end of the race.

Much will depend on whether all four can stay on the track.

So much is at stake and emotions are running high.  The young guns Vettel and Hamilton head the grid.

Webber and Vettel have come together before this year.

Hamilton will be more relaxed knowing he has to win.  Nothing else will be good enough.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Abu Dhabi 2010

The big F1 news topic this week is who will close out the 2010 world drivers title?

Red Bull have already won the constructors title.  This is a huge result for Adrian Newey in particular who now holds more F1 titles than Michael Schumacher.

If last year's result in Abu Dhabi is repeated there will be a 1-2 again for Red Bull and in the same order as Brazil - Vettel first, Webber second.

Last year Button was third in the Brawn and Hamilton's McLaren did not finish.

The highest finishing McLaren was Kovalainen on 11th and the highest Ferrari was Raikkonen in 12th.

A similar result this weekend would put Vettel and Webber on equal points with Vettel having more wins 5-4.

It would be big F1 news indeed if Alonso came in 11th this year.  He has stated he is 100% certain of becoming world champion on the basis that he 'only needs to finish second'.

Last year Hamilton was on pole in qualifying.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Red Bullish

Sebastian Vettel stormed home in front of his team mate Mark Webber in Brazil followed by Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

With this result Red Bull have locked out the manufacturers title.  Jubilant celebrations were led by Webber wielding a fire extinguisher and letting it off over Vettel and the mechanics.

Now only the driver's title remains to be secured and the next race will reveal all.

Unless Alonso appears to be about to finish lower than fourth in the late stages of the race then Vettel, having by then lost all hope of the title, will somehow need to let Webber past him to take the title if he leads in the final laps in Abu Dhabi.

A win by Webber will need Vettel to displace Alonso into third to avoid Alonso still taking the title.

Either way this is a great result from the former Stewart/Jaguar team.  Interesting then to see Rubens Barrichello who drove for Stewart in 1997 still on the grid and finishing 14th in Brazil on Sunday.  His team mate and pole-sitter Nico Hulkenberg slipped to 8th place at the finish.

Button is now out of the title race and his team mate Hamilton can only be champion of he wins and Alonso Webber and Vettel fail to score.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hulk Takes Pole

In an excellent result for Cosworth, Williams and above all Nico Hulkenberg, the tables are turned in Brazil.

The young german driver in his debut season at Williams, secured a brilliant lap to head the times and take pole position ahead of fashionable favourites - Vettel, Webber, Hamilton and Alonso.

Interestingly the last win for a Cosworth F1 engine was also in Brazil - as long ago as 2003.
Giancarlo Fischella brought home the Jordan Cosworth first.

It is a stunning result for the engine company, founded by Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth in 1958, to secure a pole in their return year.

Their first race win was at Goodwood 1960 in the brilliant hands of Jim Clark.  In 1967 came their first F1 win - Jim Clark again, Lotus 49, Zandvoort Netherlands (I was there).

It is ironic that Williams are ditching Cosworth for a French Renault engine next year.

Hulkenberg deserves a medal for clearing his rivals by over a second.

If he can carry this form through to the race it will have an intriguing effect on the championship.

Button could only manage 11th continuing from Korea with problems of grip levels.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Grand Prix Brazil

In 2009 Mark Webber won the Grand Prix in Brazil.

Kubica came in second with Hamilton third and Vettel fourth.

In the same race, Jenson Button won the 2009 World Drivers Championship by coming in fifth.

This year, such a result would greatly strengthen Mark Webber's position.

It is probably the most difficult race to call for many years and despite being the penultimate race of the season, the championship is still open to five drivers using basic maths,

Monday, 1 November 2010

McLaren 1-2 in Brazil

To have a realistic chance of the F1 championsip this year, McLaren need a 1-2 finish at Interlago, Brazil.

They have stated they will back Button to make a sterling effort to hold on to his 2009 championsip status so no team orders or other private arrangements to favour Hamilton are expected.

They will also need someone like Mercedes or Renault to take the third podium place and for the Red Bulls to trip over each other, maybe taking Alonso's Ferrari with them.

Last race it was Rosberg who fell foul of Webber's spinning Red Bull.

Of course a good clean race is preferred as always, with everyone arriving safely at the finish line with their machinery intact.

An engine or gearbox failure by the McLaren rivals would help their cause too of course.