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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Abu Dhabi 2010

The big F1 news topic this week is who will close out the 2010 world drivers title?

Red Bull have already won the constructors title.  This is a huge result for Adrian Newey in particular who now holds more F1 titles than Michael Schumacher.

If last year's result in Abu Dhabi is repeated there will be a 1-2 again for Red Bull and in the same order as Brazil - Vettel first, Webber second.

Last year Button was third in the Brawn and Hamilton's McLaren did not finish.

The highest finishing McLaren was Kovalainen on 11th and the highest Ferrari was Raikkonen in 12th.

A similar result this weekend would put Vettel and Webber on equal points with Vettel having more wins 5-4.

It would be big F1 news indeed if Alonso came in 11th this year.  He has stated he is 100% certain of becoming world champion on the basis that he 'only needs to finish second'.

Last year Hamilton was on pole in qualifying.

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