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Monday, 8 November 2010

Red Bullish

Sebastian Vettel stormed home in front of his team mate Mark Webber in Brazil followed by Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

With this result Red Bull have locked out the manufacturers title.  Jubilant celebrations were led by Webber wielding a fire extinguisher and letting it off over Vettel and the mechanics.

Now only the driver's title remains to be secured and the next race will reveal all.

Unless Alonso appears to be about to finish lower than fourth in the late stages of the race then Vettel, having by then lost all hope of the title, will somehow need to let Webber past him to take the title if he leads in the final laps in Abu Dhabi.

A win by Webber will need Vettel to displace Alonso into third to avoid Alonso still taking the title.

Either way this is a great result from the former Stewart/Jaguar team.  Interesting then to see Rubens Barrichello who drove for Stewart in 1997 still on the grid and finishing 14th in Brazil on Sunday.  His team mate and pole-sitter Nico Hulkenberg slipped to 8th place at the finish.

Button is now out of the title race and his team mate Hamilton can only be champion of he wins and Alonso Webber and Vettel fail to score.

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