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Monday, 7 March 2011

Pirelli Tyres - Smooth is Quick

Lewis Hamilton has been bemoaning the new Pirelli tyres and other rule changes, saying that they have made the cars slow and 'boring'.

He asserts that tyre saving will be the most significant aspect of race craft this year.

If this is the case then the smooth drivers will benefit.  Jenson Button is renowned for his smooth driving style and ability to make intelligent use of tyres and tyre choices.

Jackie Stewart always used to repeat the expression that smooth is quick.  Jim Clark and Stirling Moss had that style too.

Remember too the many races where Michael Schumacher was driving in third or fourth spot when following a spate of pit stops he came out in front.  Ross Brawn's strategy was often given the credit along with Schumacher's ability to put in two or three hot laps preceding the tyre stop.  Maybe the Brawn/Schumacher combination reunited since last year with Mercedes will come into its own again this year.

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