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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Alon so Quick of the Mark

After an excellent start by Alonso which took him from third to first, he was able to control the race for 20 laps.
Then Vettel dived into the pits.  He had an excellent out-lap which got him back ahead of Alonso but behind the new leader Hamilton.

Lap 49 and Hamilton pitted from the lead giving up first place to Vettel but in front of Button and Webber.  Alonso sat in fifth in front of Schumacher.

Webber set a fastest lap on lap 51.

Lap 55 saw Hamilton on Vettel's rear wing for corner after corner with clear sight of the lead, and DRS and KERS available to him.

By lap 57 Hamilton appeared to have superior grip levels in his tyres but still could not get by.  Button trailed him by 35 seconds in third, controlling Webber behind him.  In contrast Vettel looked under severe pressure in the lead.

Hamilton would not want to take the lead too near the end of the race and let Vettel past with his own KERS and DRS.  With three laps to go however he looked to have left it too late.  Vettel was not using KERS in the final laps.

With one lap to go another race win for Vettel looked a forgone conclusion and so it proved to be - another win for Vettel followed by Hamilton, Button, Webber, Alonso and Schumacher.

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