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Monday, 30 May 2011

Monaco GP 2011 | Vettel Saves Tyres

Just 2 1/2 seconds separated the top three to end the Monaco Grand Prix.

Vettel came home in front of Alonso and Button.

On lap 72, the race was stopped under a red flag.  This enabled Vettel, whose tyres were about to expire, to change his tyres outside race conditions and retain the lead at the restart. He had been on the same tyres since lap 16 and was surprisingly heading to the end of the race without another tyre change.  Both Alonso and Vettel were convinced they could pass him before the end up to that point.

This result leaves Vettel with 143 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton's 85 in second place in the standings.

This race had been Hamilton's opportunity to close up but the qualifying accident of Sergio Perez gave him no time to set a competitive pole lap.  Then in the race he was given a stop go penalty for overtaking in a manner considered dangerous by the stewards.

Red Bull lead the constructors tables with 222 points from McLaren's 161.  Fernando Alonso expressed the view after the race that the title is 'nearly won'.  However with the new points system couple of DNFs by Vettel will close the gap again to the other drivers.  Red flags, yellow flags, aborted qualifying, penalties, tyre problems etc can happen at any race.  There are 325 points to play for with 13 races to go.

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