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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Big One! - Silverstone 2011

So it has come round again.  The venue nearest to all the leading teams apart from Ferrari and the hearts of most F1 fans- Silverstone!

Looking forward to seeing 'The Wing' in the pit lane?  It is already looking retro.  Just cross Vauxhall Bridge in London going South and you will see a terminal building that predates the wing by years.

I still get emotional about the acres of scaffold grandstands.  There is something strangely beautiful about galvanised tubing.  Maybe it reminds me of the old time tubular frames of the Lotus 11 or Maserati Birdcage.  Or maybe I am just plain sentimental.

As we predicted long ago post Simon Fuller taking over Lewis Hamilton's management - there is mounting speculation  about Lewis Hamilton moving teams.  It is so similar to the David Beckham story.  Will he stay at Man United, will he go to Real Madrid, will he end up in America?  Will his pop star wife come out of his shadow or outshine him?  Victoria or Nicole?  Already Lewis has tried out a 'Nascar'.  Will Indy be next?  He has (allegedly) flirted with another team (Red Bull).

Jim Clark and Graham Hill tried (and succeeded) in America but still stuck with F1 until they were cut short in life.

All that really matters is talent and technology and in the 1960s both were raw and restricted scantily by rulemakers.  Dont forget to that they had tiny 1.5 litre engines and miniature bodies that look like F3 nowadays.  But there was overtaking in abundance and they sounded great too!  So why the worry over new smaller engines??

Speaking of historic F1 drivers check this out!!  It is probably the finest collection of 1960s F1 and touring car driver autographs on sale anywhere right now!!!  I should know - I was there and met them all!

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