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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Silverstone 2011

Qualifying was somewhat unusual at Silverstone...

The teams were in and out of the FIA camper van debating what rules would and would not be acceptable for the race.  Don't forget that the cars were designed and homologated prior to season start and that never before have rules been changed so dramatically mid season.

Is an exhaust blown diffuser, controlled electronically when off throttle, a variable aerodynamic device?  To what degree is the Renault engine assisted in relation to Mercedes? After a good curry, wind can indeed be an issue.

In the end Red Bull offered a deal which was accepted.  We will switch off our blown diffuser settings for this race only provided that things return to normal for the next race,

That is it essentially.  It was later confirmed after much to-ing and fro-ing that for the rest of the season all will return to normal.

Meanwhile McLaren seem to have slipped of the pace.  The team later attributed this to tyre choice in the limited time they had during an erratic qualifying session to decide when to go out on intermediates.  Some were suggesting that the hasty rule changed would benefit Ferrari.  As it transpired Red Bull still achieved a remarkable 1-2 on the grid with Webber on pole this time followed by Alonso and Massa.  Jenson Button kept McLaren respectable followed by a remarkable sixth for Paul di Resta in his Mercedes powered Force Indian.

Sunday Silverstone will probably bring wind and rain as normal so Jenson Button will benefit and Lewis Hamilton will provide a spectacle as he attempts to come through from 10th without taking out his team mate.

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