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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Belgium | Spa | Weather

The weather for this weekend predicts rain for qualifying but a dry race.  However The Ardennes circuit is legendary for its unpredictable weather.

To remind you of last year have a look at this bbc video which shows the Vettel - Button collision at Spa.

There were echos of the Senna/Prost collisions and Hill/Schumacher ones when they were battling for the world championship.

Follow this link for last year's story.

Of course Vettel went on to take the title and this year is looking almost unassailable.  However he will only stay where he is if he continues to finish races.  History shows that rarely can a driver finish every race.  Three wins would put Webber, Hamilton, Alonso or Button within striking distance if Vettel matches this with three DNFs.  There remain eight races to go and 200 points available.  Vettel is sitting on 234 points from races to date.

Whilst Ferrari have confirmed that they are working flat out on their 2012 car, they will continue to press hard to give Alonso a fighting chance of a win.  Webber's own self respect will drive him to take victories off Vettel.  McLaren will not lie down without giving Button and Hamilton a competitive car for the rest of the year.

There will be no scenes of cars taking Eau Rouge flat out with no DRS for safety reasons.  After the entry compression good downforce is needed to keep the car on the track as the bend sweeps uphill.

The weather will play a part at Spa as it always does...

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