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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Button Driver of the Day

As Vettel led a one-two by Red Bull, he provided the perfect response to the idea that his winning run was over.

Vettel led from pole position and took control of the race.

Jenson Button completed the podium behind Mark Webber having fought from 13th place on the grid and a low of 19th in the race.  A mix up in qualifying meant he ran out of time to set a competitive lap and ended out of the top ten shoot out.  However while Lewis Hamilton failed to finish after another accident - this time while dicing with Komui Kobayashi - Button again kept his head to end the day respectably for McLaren.

Another titanic result was that of Michael Schumacher.  He came in a creditable fifth from a miserable 24th (last) in qualifying having failed to set a lap time.

So Red Bull continue their charge for the title.  According to Niki Lauda the title race is over already.  He should know.

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