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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Eine Kleine Nachtrennen | Singapore Nightracing

When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote A Little Nightmusic, he clearly did not have Formula 1 in mind.

The gentle, lilting melodies are rather different from the howling exhausts of an F1 car.

Mozart's repeated melodies and strong thematic emphasis can be sympathetic with a peaceful night of relaxed meditation.

Sebastian Vettel's repeat pole positions and race victories are taking on a rather musical resonance.  He snatched another pole in the Singapore night racing event or Nachtrennen.  His ability to focus and deliver is becoming very predictable and takes on a repetitive theme.  Maybe he thinks of Mozart when he closes his eyes to focus before launching on yet another unreachably fast qualifying lap.

Mark Webber completed a Red Bull front row with Jenson Button eclipsing Lewis Hamilton by 5/1000ths of a second!  Webber was 0.35 seconds behind his team mate.

Despite moving their focus to 2012, Ferrari are still competitive, at least in Fernando Alonso's hands.  He came in only 7/100ths behind Hamilton, a full second in front of his team mate Felipe Massa.

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