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Monday, 26 September 2011

Vettel Almost There

After a fairly comfortable victory at Yas Marina.  Now only Jenson Button can take the title off him.  To do so Vettel would need not to finish which seems very unlikely to say the least.

Jenson Button drove an impeccable race to take second place in front of Mark Webber.

Lewis Hamilton was again surrounded by controversy and drew a sharp rebuke from Felipe Massa after the race for cutting into his rear tyre with his front wing and creating a puncture.  Hamilton had a stop-go penalty which dropped him to 5th behind Fernando Alonso.  Looking closely at the video shows that Hamilton had the position then Massa braked late, Hamilton's left front wheel locked causing his car to veer into Massa's right rear - a racing incident.

Possibly Hamilton will be reviewing his options with his management company who also manage David Beckham and Andy Murray.  The USA Indy series may be looking an attractive option.

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