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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vettel Victory

So the season continues.  Another Vettel victory after a dominant pole position.

There were some highlights to the race however.  Firstly Adrian Newey is to be congratulated on producing an aero package that worked on this high speed, low downforce circuit.  Vettel was able to overcome the relatively low top speed of his car in relation to the Mercedes engines by good traction out of the bends.  This was achieved with a skinny rear wing balanced with high underfloor and front wing downforce.  Truly an engineering masterpiece.  Vettel also drove absolutely on the limit of course too.

Michael Schumacher have an object lesson to anyone who has a slower machine at the office kart outing. His car positioning to frustrate Lewis Hamilton lap after lap was faultless.  So faultless that he escaped any kind of penalty for driving in a manner that appeared to stretch the very boundaries of the rules preventing multiple blocking moves in the same manoeuvre.  He was rewarded with 5th place.  This obstruction however ended any chance of Hamilton staying with the leader.  Hamilton had to be content with fastest lap and still managed 4th place.

Jenson Button drove a brilliant race, slicing through the field to second place on the podium.  Unlike Hamilton he was able to pass Schumacher with apparent ease.

Alonso took more solid points with third place in a less than competitive Ferrari.  Ferrari have since announced a halt to 2011 development in favour of a better start to 2012.

So whilst Vettel is looking pretty for his second world championship, the rest of the season will still produce some interesting racing.  The DRS system has produced a little more overtaking with Button leading the way in that area this season.  The Mercedes continues to improve and Schumacher is looking a little more relaxed and Rosberg even leading a race for brief moments at Spa.  Hamilton will still be looking for some results after a frustrating and relatively cautious Monza.  Button is in the form of his life and may snatch a victory before the year is out.

Singapore next for the night race...

That completes the 300th post.  Big thanks to all the followers and readers.

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