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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Indy Can Learn from F1

Following the untimely death of Dan Weldon, former Indy 500 winner, Tomas Scheckter's father Jody has described IndyCar as the most dangerous motorsport in the world.

Another former Indy 500 and F1 champion Nigel Mansell stated that Formula 1 safety measures can teach the Indy Series a great deal.

Weldon was a contemporary of Jenson Button and moved to the USA as an option he could achieve without the funding imperatives of F1.

With the Indy title already decided in favour of fellow Briton Dario Franchitti, the race was a prize fund arrangement at the end of the season with a larger field than normal and higher top speeds than F1.

Our thoughts are with Dan's family at this difficult time.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Korea Win for Vettel

Lewis Hamilton followed Sebastian Vettel home today in front of Webber Button Alonso and Massa.

He looked a little happier than after qualifying.

Sebastian Vettel whooped for joy as he took another win and fastest lap as if it was his first race win.

This consolidated not only his place as 2011 world champion after last weekend but also, with the points today from him and Mark Webber, the constructors title is Red Bull's hands for the second year in succession.

Ferrari and McLaren and now talking up their chances of starting next year being competitive from the start.  The rules are stabilised with higher exhaust exits and front wings.  Fernando Alonso stated that Ferrari need to be more aggressive and innovative rather than simply following the ideas of others.  Unless they innovate they will always be in a position in races of being a following team.

Red Bull will have some more innovations via Adrian Newey for next year.  He remains the man to beat as head designer.

Meanwhile the GP series moves to India the week after next for the inaugural race at the new circuit.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vettel in a Big Mac Sandwich

Vettel failed to win pole in Korea today.

Lewis Hamilton found his form again and nailed pole position with his team mate Jenson Button third behind Vettel but ahead of Mark Webber.

Felipe Massa finished qualifying ahead of Fernando Alonso who rounded out the first three rows in sixth.

Michael Schumacher failed to make the top 10 coming in twelfth while his team mate Rosberg qualified seventh.  Petrov,  di Resta and Sutil were 8th 9th and 10th.

Lewis Hamilton was far from ecstatic on the post race interviews, preferring to keep calm and let a race win do the talking tomorrow.  Button was reasonably please with third while admitting that a pole was his goal unsurprisingly.

The start will be incredibly exciting as the top three face the short chase down to turn 1.

Massa appears far enough back in fifth for his magnetic Ferrari not to attract Hamilton this time.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Button wins | Vettel Weltmeister

Jenson Button won an emotional Japanese Grand Prix.  He was in front of a very supportive crowd and his Japanese girlfriend Jessica Michibata.

Meanwhile as Sebastian Vettel came home third behind Fernando Alonso, he became the youngest ever double world champion.  He took the one point he needed to do so and added another 14 in the process.  This takes his lead to 324 points in front of Button's 210 and Alonso's 202.

Lewis Hamilton could manage no better than fifth behind Mark Webber.  He suffered a puncture in the race.

Button seemed to be going from strength to strength, has been rewarded with a multi-year contract at McLaren and expressed the view after the race that this will not be his last contract in his career.

Michael Schumacher came in 6th.

With the McLarens split in Japan by four places, the Ferraris by five and the Mercedes by four, the season seems to be becoming a battle between drivers.  Vettel has clearly been dominant within Red Bull this year,  Massa seems more prone to tangling with Hamilton than rivalling his team mate and Jenson Button's calm, smooth style is dominating over Hamilton's increasing erratic and inconsistent performances.  Michael Schumacher seems to have found a way of dealing with Nico Rosberg's pace and whilst not having a winning car, is starting to put in some convincing race results and is now only 3 points behind Rosberg.