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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Korea Win for Vettel

Lewis Hamilton followed Sebastian Vettel home today in front of Webber Button Alonso and Massa.

He looked a little happier than after qualifying.

Sebastian Vettel whooped for joy as he took another win and fastest lap as if it was his first race win.

This consolidated not only his place as 2011 world champion after last weekend but also, with the points today from him and Mark Webber, the constructors title is Red Bull's hands for the second year in succession.

Ferrari and McLaren and now talking up their chances of starting next year being competitive from the start.  The rules are stabilised with higher exhaust exits and front wings.  Fernando Alonso stated that Ferrari need to be more aggressive and innovative rather than simply following the ideas of others.  Unless they innovate they will always be in a position in races of being a following team.

Red Bull will have some more innovations via Adrian Newey for next year.  He remains the man to beat as head designer.

Meanwhile the GP series moves to India the week after next for the inaugural race at the new circuit.

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