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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vettel in a Big Mac Sandwich

Vettel failed to win pole in Korea today.

Lewis Hamilton found his form again and nailed pole position with his team mate Jenson Button third behind Vettel but ahead of Mark Webber.

Felipe Massa finished qualifying ahead of Fernando Alonso who rounded out the first three rows in sixth.

Michael Schumacher failed to make the top 10 coming in twelfth while his team mate Rosberg qualified seventh.  Petrov,  di Resta and Sutil were 8th 9th and 10th.

Lewis Hamilton was far from ecstatic on the post race interviews, preferring to keep calm and let a race win do the talking tomorrow.  Button was reasonably please with third while admitting that a pole was his goal unsurprisingly.

The start will be incredibly exciting as the top three face the short chase down to turn 1.

Massa appears far enough back in fifth for his magnetic Ferrari not to attract Hamilton this time.

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