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Monday, 7 November 2011

Indian GP a Great Success

So the inaugural Grand Prix of India has come and gone.  By all accounts it was a great success.

Most of the drivers were very positive in their praise of the circuit - another Hermann Tilke initiative.  The teams too were positive in their assessment of facilities both for engineering and guest entertainment.

The race itself could have been better.  Whilst we are all overjoyed at the sight of Sebastian Vettel on full song and taking yet another victory, he is racking up statistics in a manner that is becoming all too predictable.

Whilst Vettel is undoubtedly one of the most talented current F1 drivers, what is needed is an engineer to arise to challenge Adrian Newey.  The drivers are there - with Button on his best form, Hamilton quick if rather erratic but now with a new focus on driving alone.  Alonso is as quick as ever and just needs a Ferrari to match his skills and commitment.

It is particularly interesting to see the Caterham name being the livery of an F1 team next year now the Lotus naming issues have been settled.  Caterham took over the original Lotus 7 production and have retained the design as still one of the most exciting production cars.  Colin Chapman penned the design in the 50s.  If they can find a modern day Chapman then maybe Adrian Newey will see a challenge from a similarly humble source in the same way that Ferrari, BRM, Maserati and Porsche did in Chapman and John Cooper's early days in the late 1950s with their simple, lightweight and radical F1 designs.

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