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Friday, 18 November 2011

McLaren Will Start Next Season Ahead

Martin Whitmarsh has stated that they want to start the season at the front rather than playing catch up for six months.

It is true to say that McLaren have one of the best success rates at in-season development.  They have ended the season with a car ahead of or on a par with all their competitors including Red Bull.  However that has proven to be too late with the championship already decided two races or more ago.

Another view is that Adrian Newey is, at any given time, six months ahead of the game in his thinking - on aerodynamics in particular.  Although they have a clear idea of what are the basics of next year's car,  to start next season at the head of the field, McLaren will need to know what was in Newey's mind six months ago for the 2012 Red Bull.

For a sports competitor to be described as ahead of his time is rare - Colin Chapman and Jim Clark in F1, Martin Peters in football.  Adrian Newey fits that definition.

Ferrari and Alonso have also voiced the opinion that they need to innovate and not merely imitate in order to lead the field next year.

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