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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vettel Result Stands

The FIA have clarified the questions asked as to whether Vettel overtook Vergne under yellow flag conditions in the GP of Brazil.

Although he did overtake before the green light which indicates the clearing of the way ahead to normal race conditions, apparently there was a green flag before the green light but after the yellow light which takes precedence over the green light which was visible from Vettel's car.

So all clear then!

Alonso 2012 World Champion?

Youtube feed footage has been published which alleges that Sebastian Vettel overtook under yellow flag conditions in the final GP in Brazil.

If proven, a 20 second penalty may be imposed which would result in Alonso winning the 2012 F1 World Championship by 1 point.  Vettel would lose position and his third title would be removed.

The ramifications of such a harsh, retrospective penalty will be very controversial if imposed of course and heartbreaking for Vettel who appeared to conquer all adversity in fighting back through the field after being tagged at the outset from behind and ending up last.

Alonso however also fought to the limit to get his second place in the race.

The decision is in the hands of the arbitrators.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Button's Brazil

Jenson Button won the last race of the season amidst a cocktail of tension and drama.

He showed extraordinary composure in treacherous weather to hold it all together.

His team mate for one last race, Hamilton was knocked out in a tussle with Hulkenberg.

Meanwhile Sebastian Vettel made an incredible job of recovering from an apparently disastrous collision from behind by Bruno Senna to get just enough points to win his third GP title in three years finishing the year just three points ahead of Fernando Alonso. His sixth to Alonso's second place was enough.

As for Alonso he drove an astoundingly determined race in an imperfect car to get to second. He truly could not have done more in the circumstances.

It was fitting that on Michael Schumacher's final retirement from F1, Vettel joins him and Fangio as the only drivers with a consecutive hat trick of F1 titles. Vettel's claim is being the youngest ever.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Felipe - 'Sebastian's Tyres are in Front of Your Endplate'

The grid in Brazil reads - Hamilton, Button, Webber, Vettel.

The McLarens are finishing the season as the fastest cars.

A significant feature of the grid for the final race of the season however is Massa acting as rear gunner to Vettel.

Remember the days of Roman chariots fitted with scythes on their wheels?

Massa is too professional to attempt anything like that.

Damon Hill will remember Schumacher's side swipe which cost him a world championship. However then they both were in the title fight.

Vettel is unlikely to come into contact with Alonso but has collided with his own teammate in the past.

Whatever happens, only thirteen points separate Vettel and Alonso and Vettel needs above all to keep clear of any other cars to hold the points lead he has over his only rival for the title.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Red Bull Reviews its Alternatives

Whether or not Red Bull finish the season with the drivers championship to add to the 2012 constructors title they have won already could come down to something you may need for your private motor vehicle every few years- a Renault alternator.

Red Bull have decided to revert to the latest model of this seemingly insignificant part rather than the old one they have been using and which has cost them a number of points this season.

If Vettel fails to finish - as Webber did in the last race - then Alonso only needs to be in the top 3 to be world champion.

It could be electric...

Monday, 19 November 2012

Hamilton's Texan Storm

Sebastian Vettel failed to convert his pole position into victory in the inaugural Austin GP.

Lewis Hamilton fought his way past first Mark Webber then Vettel in a display of consistently positive driving.

Fernando Alonso took the title battle to the last race in Brazil by coming home from seventh to third behind Vettel.

If Alonso wins in Brazil he needs Vettel to be no higher than fifth. If Vettel finishes, this scenario looks very unlikely. Realistically Vettel would need to fail to finish as Webber did today for Alonso's 13 point deficit to be recovered.

Both participants and spectators were impressed with the new circuit which takes elements from many of the best circuits in the world such as Silverstone and Suzuka.

As Vettel came in to lap back markers Hamilton took his opportunity having saved up his KERS for this moment.

This gives Hamilton two consecutive victories in the USA in his penultimate race for McLaren. Next year he will be a Mercedes driver. It is good to leave on a high but now he has a car capable of passing Red Bulls it may be a difficult adjustment.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Alonso Positive

In several post-race interviews Fernando Alonso remained positive.

He described Abu Dhabi as a 10 pointer in that he expected to lose ten points to Vettel but actually gained 3 over him.

He says the glass is half full not half empty and remains confident to win the 2012 drivers world championship.

He does not expect to catch his rivals in the performance of the car but by a superior team effort saying 'we do not have the best car but we do have the best team'.

For full post race interviews with Alonso follow this link:-

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kimi Kimi Kimi Some

The focused, fast Finn shrugged off his
final doubts about the wisdom of a comeback by winning the Abu Dhabi GP.

After Hamilton cruised to a halt with fuel feed issues, Raikkonen was unbeatable.

Even Vettel, assisted by safety car intervals charged from last to third but could not catch Raikkonen.

Fernando Alonso again was able to extract every ounce of performance from his Ferrari and took second place.

Kimi is now looking for more in the last two races and into next season. He could be critical in interfering with the slender 10 point margin between Vettel and Alonso at the head of the drivers table.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hamilton Derby | Vettel Relegated

Lewis Hamilton sits on pole position for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today.

He dominated qualifying and Seb Vettel could only manage third. However Vettel was relegated several hours later to the back if the grid for a fuel infringement.

Vettel's nearest rival in the drivers championship, Fernando Alonso will move up from 7th to 6th due to Vettel's relegation.

Jenson Button could not match Hamilton's pace and was 0.66 seconds slower in 6th (promoted to 5th).

Mark Webber joins Hamilton on the front row. Pastor Maldonado completed a fine qualifying to join Kimi Raikkonen on row two.

So the order is Hamilton-Webber, Maldonado-Raikkonen, Button-Alonso.

Watch out for who brakes latest from the front row. Alonso's start and Vettel's first few laps will be spicy too.

Maldonado and Raikkonen may rub shoulders...