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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Drivers Apologise for Beating Team Mates

It is a long while since this has happened but it did today

Race winner Sebastian Vettel apologised to his team mate Mark Webber and the press for overtaking him.

Lewis Hamilton in third said Nico Rosberg deserved to be on the podium not himself.

How does all this come about in competitive motorsport?

Basically due to tyre degradation. The new compounds mean that to win a  Grand Prix, a leader has to slow down. To a following driver this appears like an easy target, an adversary in trouble. Hence the messages to the pit wall by Vettel and Rosberg that their team mates should move out of the way as they were too slow.  Both Vettel and Rosberg were told their team mates were conserving tyres and could go faster and  that therefore they should hold station. Only Rosberg listened.

So Vettel passed Webber and won.  Rosberg held station leaving Hamilton to take third.

The direction to Pirelli to produce higher wear compounds was intended to introduce an element that would result in closer racing.  Perhaps the drivers will catch up with the actual effect next race. 

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