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Monday, 1 July 2013

Tyres Again

Indianapolis 2005.  Remember when only the Bridgestone runners entered the race?  It was reported that Michelin could not guarantee a tyre that would withstand the loads at turn 13.  14 of 20 cars missed the race after 8 pre-race failures and the crowd were not pleased.

Silverstone too was dominated by tyre talk.  Hamilton, Perez, Vergne and Massa all suffered tyre failure.

What was to blame?  Was it the sharp kerbs at the track?  During the race drivers were being advised to avoid the kerbs.  Will Pirelli produce a tyre that can withstand uneven surfaces and track debris for a two hour race before Nurburgring and Spa?

After Vettel's gearbox failure and Hamilton's puncture from the lead, Rosberg took the win.  He was also developing tyre issues but pitted in time.  Hamilton fought back from last to fourth ahead of Raikkonen but was not happy to race when he felt unsafe.

Webber battled up to second and Alonso turned a poor qualifying into third place.

Will a company with the fine history and reputation of Pirelli continue this exposure into 2014?  It remains to be seen.